Jared Dimond theory about how there are more countries are more developed than others is because of geographic luck. In episode one of Guns, Germs, and Stell was about the differnt areas of the world and the way they life under the equater like Papa New Guinie. He listed the domesticated anmials and plants. There are many domesticated animals and here are some Sheep, Pigs, Goats, Water Bufflo, Horses and lamas. Those are some animals that somw countries uses to farm. The countries that don't farm have time to discover technology.

Sweden is a have country in Jared Dimond theory Sweden is a lucky country. Sweden native plants are Vitsippa, Ranunculus Acris, and Picea Abies. Sweden has domestic animals native to there country such as the Swedish Mountian Cattle, Gotland Pony, Gotland Sheep, Hedemora Hen, Jämtland Goat, Linderöd Pig, Skåne Goose, Swedish Yellow Duck, Spotted Skåne Hen, Åsen Sheep, Öland Pygmé Hen. Sweden is advance technologically there is 8.1 million internet users. Sweden is a lucky country that is pretty rich.