Population Pyramids of Sweden
Sweden is a rich country. there has been more females than male starting from 1995. the population pyramid in 1995 there were about the same amount as girls and boys until they reached 65-69 years old so then there were more women than men. then 2000 it will kinda of the same in 1995 but there are less 0-4 year old and a lot of 80+ year old. then in 2005 the population increased with more women in the 80+ year olds and the 0-4 year old started to increase. then in 2010 the number of 0-4 year old stayed the same as it was in 2005. the in 2020 they predict there will be a big boom of people. then in 2050 they also, predict that the population will decrease. my country will be facing that there will be less people in Sweden.

The population is about the same for men and women fron 0-4 year old.

The number of 0-4 year old decreases

The number of 0-4 year old stays the same and the 80+ females increase

The number of 80+ year old still increases

They predict that the number of 0-4 years old will increase and so will the 80+ will

The population will decrease but the number of female and 80+ will stay the same